We repeat the same rhyme
How queer-
We’re tripping over each other
I thought
That we could avoid it for a bit longer
Look what I told you 
Look what I showed you
I knew that this would happen
But again you deign 
To tell me one more time…

We work through the routine
How strange-
You’re showing up outside
My door
That holds you back from coming in
Can’t you hear me
Can’t you see me
I warned you three times over
But again you try
To see me one more time…

We approach again inside
I know-
What you will say
I know
Because I want you and I need you
You love me
You say you love me
You capture my heart and trap me
In my own bed
To teach me one more time…

Dear love
We finally have the courage
You know-
What I crave
You know me deeper than my own mother
I desire you
You wish for me
You finally have found me
I thought
That I was lost but now I know:

Why you tried to say hello


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