Hell on the Lake


United States
40° 47' 29.9076" N, 73° 56' 41.2764" W

Walking silently along this dreaded pathway,

Through the city of the lake,

i see all of these ghosts of people,

whose souls never cease to break.

i find myself shaking in agony

from these visions i behold,

this is the tale of an infested land

whose morals have long gone cold.


a syringe in the ditch, a drunk abusing his bitch

leaving scars on the heart that will never heal.

children in starvation, adolescents become patients

as they overdose on the drugs they try to conceal.

am i the only one?

the only one who cares?

am i the only one?

who sees that life is unfair?


when you're the only one who tries to lead a better life.

sometimes it just seems easier, to escape with a kife.

i need to get away, i need to escape,

from this awful place, next to the lake.



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