Hello little seed come out,Hello little seed I see you down there,Hello little seed come out,it's not so bad out here,The winds are really inviting,The sun is your friend,Hello little seed come out,Mother Nature sees no end Welcome my growing bud,This is where your journey beginsWelcome my growing bud,Look up I'll introduce you to a friend,She will always keep you warm, She will always help you grow ,When the days seem rough,She'll help you to feel bold, Listen my learning sprout,Please hear my words clear, Listen my learning sprout,You have no reason to fear,When you don't feel your prettiest,And you feel you have no grace,Look to your friend,Know and learn her face, They say it's not good to look to long at her,They say you'll go blind,Don't listen to them my learning sprout,The weather up here's fine, Congratulations my beaming sunflower,You've grown so tall,Congratulations my strong sunflower, You've pushed passed them all,You've lost some pedals along the way, You swish and sway You've limped but never fall,Never. No way, Life has sent strong winds and rain,You thought that you would drown,But remember rain is necessary,Through the storms you've gained your crown, Look up my roaring sunflower,You've already won,Look up my roaring sunflower, Take a breathe and face the sun 

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