Heavy Fall


Inhale, now exhale. 
Close yours eyes and tell yourself you wont fail.
Sweat down my back, muscles weakening.
fatigue is trying to bring me down, but my mind isn't giving in.

i feel that the world is sitting right on my shoulders,
My only true discription is a cold and heavy boulder.
I can't let it down, i can't let it defeat me .
four more repetitions, but i feel so damn depleted.

exhaustion is extreme, and in lack of bodily fluid,
but i look to my left, and see people say he will never do it.
three more repetitions, focus now your almost there.
at this point pain is no excuse, breathing in heavy all the air.

two more repititions, salty sweat down my eyes.
overheating smelly gym, attracting all the flies.
body heat increasing as contracting stimulus applies. 

one more repitition, if i stop and drop i wont win.
but as im lifting up, i feel the worlds at a spin.
 blood rushing through my vains, just half way more.
As im going up, my weights drop off my shoulders as my body follows to the floor.

all i hear is my heartbeat, pounding faster than light,
but as i open my eyes i see smiles in delight. 
you did it! congratulations,  you finished them all,
I have completed my challenge and ended it with a heavy fall.  - Gustavo Murillo

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Our world
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