Heart Song Journey


Going out into the great unknown

Checking back and forth, feeling alone

Knowing which way is up and down

But, not seeming to know when my feet touch the ground


Skipping rocks on the road

Remembering what you had, is not what you owned

Keeping my distance from disturbance, but security minded has it's moments


Trying to find color through blind eyes

Knowing someday you will touch the skies

Sometimes seeing isn't believing and sometimes one's knowledge can be deceiving


Going through left and rights

You know your heart and how it fights

Secrecy beneath an unhealed wound can be harsh against the new moons


In your journey there's a door, you walk on in, can it be yours?

Some doors open and leave others to close

Some windows stayed open for things you used to know



Between the knowing and the unknown

The seeing and the being

The cries and the prize

Sometimes we need help seeing secrets in their phony disguise



This peom. It's kind of hard putting this out there. It is a very personal poem because,  when I wrote this I was going through a very difficult time in my life.

The sentence that holds this poem so close to me is "Secrecy beneath an unhealed wound can be harsh against the new moons". In that sentence I am letting you know too much about me.

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