Heart of My Body

Tue, 02/09/2016 - 12:09 -- Noah.J

You want an answer

here is mine

much like my heart

it beats line for line.


my answer

it weathers the storm

to beat forever

till "nevermore."


the beat keeps time

with that breath of mine

pumping red to and fro

till time tells me to go  


how are you

good day to you

it is time for a change



do you hear

the heart beats for change


a change of pace

a change of space

a change in the beat of time


My heart and I

we excel at changing

here and there and everywhere


did you listen closely

did you hear the answer everyone shares

did you


I can not live without my heart

my heart that beats just for me

but neither can you live without yours



neither can you live without yours


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