Heart To Heart

Round and Round it goes

Where it stops nobody knows

When it strikes, does it make a sound?

Do the people next to you see it and say ‘Maybe, just maybe I believe it’ ?

It is drawn, often doodled, colored in the infamous red and pink

in notebooks by students everywhere

making girls sigh and swoon...is just one description of what it can do

its devious, mischievous like a monster underneath a child’s bed

changing its flavor, color, and shape each and everyday

some people got it and some people don’t

some claim it can be known by the simple things;

like pulling out a chair or opening a car door

Others say naw naw its more complicated...it can be through a,b,c


And there is me

See, I don’t know what love is

or if the matters of the heart can be see as something easy peasy lemon squeasy

Man please, I wish I had a clue

about why this chemical reaction occurs between 2 people can create a satisfaction that fulfills them until death do we part

or why love can make people do strange things

like constantly thinking in class they're the one

but also make you cry so hard that you plea

for the God up there to never make your heart bleed like that again

It makes you lay in bed for days

so much that ice cream becomes your best friend

but it can also make you lay in bed

feeling fluffy like you're on cloud 9

Love has been denied often reclassified as teen longing or a simple little crush

‘Advice Givers ’in my life who believe that the their birth date on their state ID’s given them the right to tell me that if a boy likes me our relationship

will never have the chance to bloom in the garden on the inside of my heart and bring joy, serenity even lo….

However, they don’t truly know what L-O-V-E means


When does one truly know?

How deep must a connection be?

One so deep that inside your soul looks up and

thanks heaven for sending that special someone from above?

Does it come for a kiss that taste as sweet as fruit falling from a tree?

Is it seen through the cards, candy, and jewelry given to people on Valentine’s Day ?

Is it known by a person being at your side

once a sudden darkness creeps into your life?

One thing I’m sure of… is the 1+1=2.  

That in my heart is me and you.

I don’t care what words from A to Z classify what it could mean.

All I know is that I got you and you got me.

If that is what loves is to you, then it is the same for me.


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