The Heart Beats What the Tongue Weeps

We live to be free
Oozing phrases like, "You don't understand me."
But hold up. Wait a minute
I think they're beginning to get it
They've adapted to our careless independence 
The surreptitious criminals never get a sentence
The lawyers have no need for justice, just the green
Mommy, please hold me; the world is too mean
We slave for peace with our bombs and guns
Never understanding why it's all coming undone
Please trade your rebellions for resolutions
The earth shrieks in agony from all the pollutions
Give me paper and I'll give you necessity
The latest innovations abolish simplicity
The stream of money will continue to flow
Filled with our blood, sweat, and sorrow
Politicians cower like young boys because they don't know
What to do now as the corruption grows

Surrounded by bigots
Those few who just don't get it
We all have the same beginning
Followed up by the expected ending
As my inspiration Maestro expressed, "The world wants to be color blind, but can't see how that can also make it lack luster
So we muster..." all the boldness we possess
To be ourselves and nothing less
But that's not to be expected of this generation
We're too busy being captivated by the next technological sensation
Or are we just awaiting the cure-all vaccination?

I watch love ones die from injections
All life had to offer them was rejection
We beat ourselves out of grief!
Because death is a thief
It's coming to steal our peace of mind!
Something we vow to steal back in time!
A goal left unreached
Heaven or hell are all they preached
How can we find solace in eternal fire?
The time we do have is dire
It's not that we lack guidance
It's that we choose not to find it!

The only time my whole family is together is when we grieve 
The other time is when there are gifts to be received
From a young age, I've tried to mend us together
But I said, "Screw this! I'm carrying all the pain I can gather."
Now I throw my weight onto His shoulders 
While striving each day to be a little bit bolder
All that's visible to the eye offers no tranquility
Seeing that we are all limited in our abilities
How are we supposed to cope?
Tell me, please, where will you rest your hope?

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