Sat, 09/27/2014 - 00:13 -- Luvsic




You are on a accelerated run.

And even though I’m not running,

You’re telling me to catch my breath and to 




I know things are changing,

But I seem to be in such a rush

That even breathing seems a bit of a tease.

Taking it slowly, 

Up to the head

And its torturous.

Swings of adrenaline,

Telling me to 



MOVE before it gets into the obvious.


I’m speechless.

Because it’s always right after one beat got into a stock

Of the skipped beats I’ve been missing.

Yet, I debate with myself during those moments.

I start to have a war in my head 

That never seems to end.

And I’m still standing thinking of those moments

That just make you go slow...

And then I’m thinking you might end up letting me go..

But then I catch myself along with my breath,

Which now seems like a goal bearly met.

And I sigh,

And I tear,

But I do not cry.

Because you along with I..

Well, it’s hard to describe 

Because there is no way I want to remember.

But you are doing this to me each and every time,

That it gets me pretty bad,

And a bit sad

Because life has just begun.

And now to know that I have to fight against you,

Or even with you

Just gets to my head.

Because I don’t want to leave,

I don’t want you to let me go.


Let’s make this how it used to be.

Let me live,

Let me breathe,

Let me have my life how it’s suppose to be.



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