My father always told me I can't change people


I can only change myself


If I had the power....


I would change the girls on the playground who thought they were cooler


I would change the teacher who thought my math problems needed a straighter ruler


I would change the boyfriend who left me because he had an addiction


And I'd change the messy roommate who leaves rude refridgerator notes of fiction


I would change my parents stress and their hypertension and aging skin


And even change my grandma so she could feel happy again


While I'm doing so much changing I might as well not stop


Afterall, with all this changing power


I can go to the end of the earth to make my change POP


I would change Hitler to be a nicer man


I would change every person who  ever shot a gun to someone with a peaceful plan


I would change the first man infected with HIV...


To be a man with clean clean blood


I would change anyone who ever suffered to be a happy human in love


But my father always told me I can't change people


I can only change myself


I can't change people


What I WILL change is myself


To be a voice for the other people


A voice to end all suffering,  HIV, and bullet wounds


A voice to tell my parents I love them how they are


But don't get hypertension over selling the house or the car


A voice to speak to many things, especially myself


To tell me to stop dreaming and to start changing human health


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