Heads Down

The life we're living

is so technologically driven

Our eyes are glued

Our minds subdued

From staring at a screen

With our heads down.


Our lives are controlled

they tell us we need it

to be on the Internet 24/7

to communicate

and stay in contact with others

through a device

when others are waiting to be met

but they can't see you either

because their heads are down.


Humans created a virtual reality

to turn all of us into zombies

so if we are the creators

why can we not stop ourselves?

Do we realize how little we talk to each other

how we miss real moments because

we're taking a picture?

Everyone has to know where you are

who you're with

when you're going

We are never alone.

We must always be in contact with a person

yet we aren't actually talking to a person

Our heads are just down.


We can't pull ourselves away

to enjoy the real company of others.

We allow ourselves to be submersed for hours

in things that aren't tangible.

We can't just keep

Hold on,

I just got a text


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