He helped me find my way out

He Was 6'5

Had Eyes that were a creamy brown

The cutest smile

And he somehow found his way to my heart…

I thought that we were meant to be.

And while I'm sitting here


On everything we use to be

Deep inside I still think

That this is where you were supposed to be

But the pain you caused

Is still lingering


Somewhere close to where My heart used to be

Because of you

I was Hurting.



 & Emotionally.

The pain you caused was continuous

And I needed a way out

The crazy thing about it is that I cared for you

Anytime you needed me

I was there for you

Throughout the good and the bad

Boy I cherished you.

But I thank you

Because you did, what you did

My life has been less terrible

When I couldn’t cry no more

I started to write out my feelings

I wrote about the pain

Everything that bothered me

Got laid out with a pen

I use to take the pain to sleep

But now I leave it on a sheet.

So I Thank You Boy

For playing me.

Cause in the end it bettered me.

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