He And I Are Not The Same

Forgetting everything that we used to be
We were never the same
We lost everything
The love we shared
The trust we gained
We wrote each other day after day
But we couldn't anymore
Everything was lost
Everything took off
The wind lifted it off the ground to the point where we felt so high
And then it took it away
On to the next pair of lonely hearts.
We tried with everything we had
Our words lost their meaning
Our actions lost their passion
There was a point where I was glad I was far from you
And I was happy that I shared feelings with another
Did I regret what I've done?
Of course
No human wouldn't,
I never wanted to be the guy that I despised because they cheated
But I became that guy
I became the jerk, the asshole, the liar, the cheater
I'd say I've become cold hearted, but my hearts been frozen for as long as I can remember.
I'm not the same person I was a year ago.
I'm stronger
But at the same time I'm weaker than I've ever been
I'm smarter
But I make even worse decisions than I ever have
I'm not the same guy you knew
The same guy you fell in love with....
I hated that guy
You miss the old me
but he is never coming back


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