Not exactly insane

Closer to sane

Preserved in an imaginative mind


He gawks

He analyzes

“He’s weird.” –they say


He’s different

He’s awkward

He touches

He stares

Why won’t someone important care?


He’s socially inept

He’s educationally advanced

No one ever asked him to dance.


He smells of musk

His hands looked touched

Muscularity challenges him to look tough.


His eyes are closed now.

His tears are dry.

They speak on his behalf, "He was a great guy".


He has a girlfriend.

He has a smile.

His parents must now change the dial.


When he was closer,

You laughed.

But now he’s farther gone

Why is that when his back is turned you figured that something was wrong?


You are more awake now.

You smile to all

His favorite seasons were winter and fall.


His smile is bright

His hands are warm

Next time you’ll use an umbrella for the storm.



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