He’s Just a Friend

I don’t love him I care why can’t I just be friends with him?

Why do they judge and attack me for being friends with someone triple my age?

Why can’t I just have a nice chat with the one person I can relate to and share many interests with?

Why do they joke that he must be my sugar daddy, or that I love him?

Why can’t a friend just be a friend?

Do the threats and insults you throw at my FACE EVER—

ever go away?


I know you joke and laugh, but

you truly believe that I think it’s funny. It’s not,

and I don’t laugh so why do you still say that? It  hurts and I cry

because you make him out to be some predator or me 

some whore who must really be horny? Well I’m not, but you say,

“hey! It’s just a joke, come on I was being funny.”

“There must be something going on because every time I say it,

you defend him.


Are you two dating?”

Fuck you man, he HAS A WIFE!

He has three kids, a family Christ!

Open your eyes and leave him and me be.

It’s a friendship that you and many others just can’t see. And for the life of me,

I try (and try!), to prove you all wrong, to show you

how great our FRIENDSHIP is. But they still giggle when they see me with him.


I don’t get it, why a man can’t be friends with a girl without others accusing him of a pedophile

or sex offender,

or WHATEVER they make him out to be!

I wish I could say I don’t care and move on, or

laugh along with you even though you should know

you’re wrong.


Instead I stay silent and go on,

ignoring your words and

staying up at night worrying.

Is he taking advantage of me? But

he’s not, and I know it. I pinch myself and flinch.

These thoughts YOU'VE imbedded

in my head are killing me!


Never mind, forget it.


He’s just a friend, and that’s it.


-Michelle L.



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