Have You Heard about Bigfoot?

Mon, 09/23/2019 - 19:30 -- 631858

Bigfoot the most excellent cook had moss and fungus growing on his foot.

His hot dogs and burgers everybody hesitantly took.

The food had hair in it that was thick as a book.

No one had the courage to tell him that he was a bad cook. 

At night he goes to the clubs to dance the jig.

He always makes sure to wear his afro wig.

When he begins to stomp and shake the floor can't help but quake.

On the the weekends he goes to the lake.

He can't cook, but he does know how to bait and use a hook. 

Everybody can't help but look. Is that bigfoot reading a book? 

He loves to bat and use his yoga mat as he wears his feathered hat. 

His favorite animal is the rare pink flamingo rat. My question is what is that?

Have you ever seen a pink rat?

Someone wrote He's an odd creature.

He dated my teacher. Too bad she doesn't like nature.

He has a dog, but it hops like a frog.

Did you know He thinks He's married to a log.

He made Siri's brother; his name is Harry and you can find him on a app called Berry.

He now has an iphone with a screen saver of a gnome.

He once tried opera, but when he would sing he made the conductor's ears ring.

All while performing in his multiple layers of gold bling. 



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