Have Respect For Yourself!

I ain't like the other girls you know,
My shirts don't plunge down low.
I won't claw for your attention,
Just laugh to ease the tension.
I won't strut to gain your notice,
I'm no sickly-sweet lotus
Who'll draw ya in to use ya.
No I don't want to beguile ya.
Do I have to be a slut to win?
Do I have to show you all that skin?
'Cause you're not that kind of guy,
You don't buy those stupid lies.
That tight is right;
Since sight ignites.
You love ME for ME,
NOT for whom I seem to be.
Those other chicks
Might have their tricks.
But I'll ferry their cliques
Over a fashionista Styx.
Their high-pitched squeals
And sky-scraper heels
Will yell and protest
In over-done distress.
Their conniving schemes
and boy-infested dreams
don't leave much room for REAL life.
Just constant drama, constant strife!
But I'll just turn and smirk,
'Cause my guy ain't no jerk.
He won't fall for sleazy,
'Cause girl, he ain't that easy!


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