The hate That stays Is worse than the real pain I feel that will never fade

Cry Cry cry cry I hope you die die die Why why why do I try try try When I'm sad sad sad you lie lie lie I fall fall down down down you you push me down to to hell now you know I wanna Help help help But you say go to hell I hide in the bathroom crying crying crying not knowing why I keep on trying The sadness the words The The The fighting Peace and harmony but in the end I hope mommy and daddy understand why I died in the end Tears of blood sounds of mercy Fear runs dry right before me Cries of plead cries of help You cause me so much hell You are not in the right And you are the reason I played tonight If I could go to the past I would of said Stop the laughs I am not stupid I am not mean I am not Violet I am me Mommy says I'm unique daddy says I will be free Tessa says Stop the bleeding and In the end I came out strong But who knows maybe I was wrong Maybe I was stupid maybe I was mean maybe I didn't deserve to be freed Maybe I could lie maybe I can cry maybe I can die In my mind Whatever I choose will not happen cause I know I will win Stop that mean stop that calls stop that yelling in the hall I am me I am me I am me I am me I am unique and my own way I will sing In my own Way Life is a pain yes it's true But there's always 1 person that can help you Cry all you like you cannot stop me in the end I will see You cannot Blind me you cannot blame me You cannot find me But I will say 1 more thing I am the right thing Even though she's not by my side maybe 1 day I will finally Call her mine But for now We are friends And that is all set pills of fear Cigarettes have sadness Lift me from this madness Tessa if you're reading this I want you to know I'm your little sister April(by.aj)

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