The hate -hater -hating bug


United States

Hatred is simply a bug on the brain

which doesn't always wash away with the rain

that is the rain of love nor that of homily


But if you solemnly profess belief

in the God right above

let this even to atheists be relief

that God only means love

for no religion preaches hatred to man or family


The wronged wishing to be placated

The tortured wishing to be avenged

Embittered humans provoked to evil malice of hatred

forgetting we are all but Adam's progeny, one kindred

Alas, hatred's a scenario that so costs humanity


Most of us are tired of hearing

of this cause and effect' circle of violence and repercussion

Why wilfully make yourself a target and fall in lasting perdition?

Why not instead behave like a mega large & loving Adam's family?


We don't wanna hear the hate crimes is a virus

that has no earthly cure

Since compassion is a vaccine to

prevent it for sure

Let's leave no stone unturned in spreading world wide fraternity 



Yet some might think this is easy Peasy to sing and easy Peasy to say

Gosh, but don't the world need more die-hard supporters of peace till judgement day?


Let's learn to love one another whether we're born Muslim, Christian or Jew

Don't diffuse hate, hate speeches no one should  ever vent and spew



Keep the peace n spread it.!! 


This poem is about: 
Our world


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

the greatest commandment is love The Lord with all your heart, mind, and soul

it is also a commandment to love your neighbor as you love yourself

it's about love, acceptance, and embrace all

very expressive


Thanks bro for all your comments. God bless.

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

likewise sis

keep showcasing your God given talents to write, and inspire


Beautifully written piece!


Wen thanx for comment. Wonder if I have read yours too. But your name is not clickable so I can't find your poems anyway ah.

Brandon Desilets

The use of biblical allusions and microcosm/macrocosm contrasts made this poem so powerful. The message you were conveying through figurative language was such a treat. In school, we are learning about poetry like this, it is lovely. Keep up the good work.


Thanks soo much for comment,. But your name too is not clickable so I can't find your poems. Wish I could though.


I love the thoughtful arrangement of this piece. For a poet to use a framework, ie. 5 line stanzas, is brilliant. It creates anticipation for the next stanza. Great job

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