Harmonize Me

I’ve never known the world to be so harsh

Until you

You danced your way

Making us all seem like little more than diamond toys

We are your toys

And we will always move in synchronization


You are the light

You are the darkness that consumes me so

You make me dance your way

Oh, you bring us all down to the same level

We are not alone

But we never know what will happen next


I’ve never been so lost

Until you crawled inside

You make us bleed this way

Making us seem like nothing more than air

We are you very breath

And we will always move to the wavelengths of your mind


Synchronize me, please

I want to move with the rest of the cogs

Make me spin that way

Oh, make us all the same

We are nothing more than shiny toys

But that does not make us the same


We will always move in synchronization

Creeping along the wavelengths of your mind

We are nothing to you

But I am something somewhere

Make me feel this way

And I will rise with a new harmony


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