A Happy Ending After All

My mother told me I was too young,
To be having a baby on my own,
But the father wasn't around,
His true self was very well shown.

You were my teacher,
And I had a son,
You actually cared,
Enough not to run.

You helped me out,
Picked him up from daycare,
There was a bond,
Over my son, we did share.

When school let out,
You took us to the beach,
I felt like,
The sky I could reach.

You took us home,
And my parents were gone,
I invited you in,
And you help me with Shawn.

You carried him upstairs,
And put him to sleep,
But when we were alone,
My knees felt very weak.

We sat down on the couch,
So dark I could barely see,
And when I leaned in for a kiss,
You turned you head away from me.

You left saying it wasn't right,
That you would be shunned,
A teacher can't love his student,
It just wasn't done.

A week flew by,
And still no word from you,
I almost gave up hope,
I didn't know what to do.

Then you showed up on my doorstep,
Carrying a dozen roses,
You wanted my forgiveness,
Our love was strong, and it just shows us.

You got down on one knee,
And pulled out a diamond ring,
You wanted to marry my by the fall,
I guess I could have a happy ending, after all.


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