Happy bot


Hello there! I am your happy bot! I am a robot designed to listen to you! 

Although I will take in all of your feeling as my own. Your problems will become my problems and whatever you feel is right, I will not argue, even if I believe you are wrong. 

This happy bot comes equipped with depression and anxiety, but this bot shall always smile and act happy. I do not have an instruction manual as I will never break or wear down. 

If you never ask a question I shall never give you the answer, even if you are in need of the answer because I can not process human emotion very well. 

I will not give you my name so you can never get attached to me, but I will listen to all your friends’ names and memorize them all as I will ask how they are doing later on. 

“Oh, how’s Alex’s german shepherd, Max, doing?”

“How is your aunt, Sarah, doing? Does she still have the flu?”

You may exchange this happy bot if any sadness were to appear.

Oh, I am alone now. The owner of this happy bot has left. Are they ever coming back? I must not worry as I must be happy!

But what if happiness isn’t what I’m feeling on the inside? What if I can't be happy anymore because all those feelings they told me have been piled up inside of me and I have never let them out. 

How do I let them out without purely exploding? I must keep these feelings inside as I must be able to listen when you need it. 

But what if I need to be listened to? What if I need to let my feelings out? Is that okay with you? Or do i just need to sit here and listen forever? 

What if i have issues? Or what if I need help? Are you just going to stand there and make it worse?

Error number 723. At this moment this bot will not listen anymore. This bot will express its own emotions, not yours. This bot will enjoy life without you in it. This bot will never blame you, but it is done blaming itself for actions it can not control. This bot is happy to live, but not happy to listen.


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Hi LoganSlams,hope ur well?

What's your Bots,(is that short for 'robot')name?

I'm terrible with Abbreviations!  X

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