Happy Birthday


United States
40° 41' 34.9044" N, 73° 51' 34.3764" W

An uncontrolable urge
A mourning desire
Placed in my four chambers
Burning with intensity of candle fire
It's a mystery to what drives man
To do the things we are capable of doing
Pushing bounderies and breaking walls
Just to see the figure down the dimmed hall
But you've turned me mad, you've turned me insane
I'm not a destroyer, I don't want pain
I want to be invited on the other side
Take my hand
Let me come in and stay
Possibilities are endless but reality is not
Though two seperate, something is left behind
Look back and remember on what it was
Let it not escape and ask what was
Memories are forgotten, erased from time
But their are certain things that will help you engrave them
Scarr them into your heart
Let this be one of them, make it yours and mine
Not everything that was written will be read
But in your head will lay the significance everyday
Like my little star, my queen of the sea
The mother of a spanish moon
What I thought be green was really
My princess in an ivory dress, my everything to be
This is more of a remembrance rather than a reminder
Tripping me as I walk, on roof tops screaming like hawks
Listening as you sing SCREAM, watching you eat like a pig
Getting attacked by the tickle monster, hearing your plea
Newer stories to tell while drinking tea
It's all there and let it not be taken away
It's yours to keep
Need not remember the body, but remember the reason
How the time spent, not on the expense
It would be madness, it would be treason!
If a hole filled your space
Leaving a gap with with your name and no reason
You say people might fade away
This is true, people go their way
But why do I try so hard to show you the wrongth in your words
People come and go, but we're both too strong
I won't let you get away
Almost two decades have passed since you've blessed this earth
And let's thank god for the woman that gave you birth
For today is your day, let it be herd
And if there's anything else in Gods green earth
That you wish you had
Ask me and I'll get it
No matter how hard I'll try
This is your morning, your night
Your hello and goodbye
Your time and place
Your memory
Your experience free
Your gift from me
Happy birthday angel to be

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