happy 36th birthday to yours truly


United States
40° 51' 43.8444" N, 73° 53' 9.636" W

i'm thankful to wake up and see the sun light my eyes full of life
my well being of existance is gracious with no trife
night before, i laid my eyes close with tears running across my face like people kayaking to new jersey
my thoughts was hearfelt with reflections that continues to inspire me to be the best
i know that i stand out from the rest
i didn't want to sound greedy and ask for alot by being a pest
i deserve nothing but the best

today is a milestone for me
i live past 35 in the city that never sleeps
i seen it all and done it all
regardless of my actions in the past, i persevere and stood tall
never judge the book by its cover. have to open and read so one understands
for all i've done, my actions leads to full of reprimands. i learn
thats how my respect was earn

i celebrate this day today
my birthday is past may
i dont act reckless like ganster wannabes about gun play
i actually attend events and broadway shows that entices my mind at a play
i make sure that each night before i sleep, i pray
my life continues to go the distance like rocky and when it's over, my bed awaits for me to lay

i thank you to those that love me 4 me
its countless how many times people shout me out to show love
gives me more reasons to be alive and rise above
i thank you, i love you (they know who they are)

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