What is happiness?

Is it a warm fuzzy feeling in your stomach?

Or bright eyes looking up into the dark starry night?


Everyone has different views and feelings that make them happy.

When I think of happiness I think of smiling from ear to ear.

It’s dressing up in your favorite clothes.

Letting your hair down and feeling the warm wind on your shoulders.

Happiness is standing in line for the roller coaster

While adrenaline is pumping faster and faster in your veins.

It’s feeling the bass roar through your chest while the band teases you on stage.

When the lights go out and the crowd screams for their idols.

Knowing albums and albums by heart.

Or knowing all the words to that song that has been on replay in your ears for days.

Hearing the dry crunchy sounds of maple leaves under your boots.

The smell of the sweet wood in the campfire

And the crisp air on your cheeks that screams fall;

That’s happiness.

It’s looking outside to the frigid calm Earth as a blanket of white covers everything.

Happiness is watching someone’s mouth turn upward

And the corners of their mouth crease;

Laughter spills out and echoes.

It’s being with your favorite people until the sun rises.

It’s never being afraid of what people think.

Happiness is no longer dreading the day

And actually looking forward to the warming sun.

Happiness is no longer trembling over the darkness,

But rather embracing it and all its beauty.

It’s the feeling of content with your mind and soul.

To realize everything happens for a reason.

To understand why you have had the experiences you did

And accept what can and will never be.

Happiness is seeing clearly

 And only seeing clouds when it thunders.

Feeling everything at once and nothing at all.

Finally figuring out that high school is not your whole life.

It’s just a small little portion that is full of peer pressure

And new experiences we all go through.

To see well this zit on my face will not matter tomorrow

And this outfit I’m wearing will soon be forgotten.

What really matters is the people we surround ourselves with and

Who were really there for us when something life changing happened.

Life has just started and seeing the brighter side of everything.

No one will ever know what the future has in store

And for once being excited for it.

Happiness is the little things;

Wearing your favorite color

Or perfume

And singing your favorite song in the shower

To watching your favorite sports team play.

Drinking coffee or tea

Or eating your favorite food

Or painting your nails a new shade of pink.

Happiness is watching yourself grow and grow into

A brand new person.

A person who is wiser and stronger and

Even more beautiful than before.

To accept the inevitable element of change and

Welcome it with open arms.

To finally live in the moment and love this day we are living.

Happiness is the aching fluttery fast butterflies felt

While waiting for that taunting answer.

 It can be found in everything as long as we all

Take a second to step back smell the roses.


What is happiness?

Learning from your mistakes and letting go of the past

And what was never meant to be with what will always be.

And most importantly,

To love yourself.



I loved that last line, so true. :)

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