Subside the animal,

Slaughter the dangerous pest.

Leave only the innocent,

And abandon the rest.

Creep on the wicked,

And swallow them whole.

Reinstate the sunshine,

And forget the dull.


The last was a dream;

Because it's stems so tall.

The climber is weak,

And threatens to fall.

It's travels are harsh,

And the time passes quickly.

The climber is falling,

And leaves its own image sickly.


Today, awaken, my darling,

Open your eyes,

For another day is promised,

With elation in disguise.

Neither the sun nor the moon,

Can damper what is the day.

They must obey the master,

Because only you have the say.


Speak in a hush,

And eye the dew,

For another day is promised,

Offering anew.


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