Hand Still Raised

Sat, 12/07/2013 - 00:33 -- garygvt


Ever since elementary it's been the way

To change things, to obtain things, to let them hear what you have to say

Whatever the need, with a silent salute

One could become significant, for a moment or two

So hand raised, I have a question, n' I hope you have an answer,

Listen, be prepared, you might get shook, belly dancer

You see me sitting here, I'm not out, I'm in this place

I'm about to challenge you, elephant in the room, turn around...about face!

My hand is raised, but why do you choose to ignore?

Sitting here has got me frustrated, them too?...Right foot, left,...door

I know its difficult, really, I understand,

Life is off schedule, just hasn't gone as planned


So I just can't wait, no I WON'T settle now,

School is meant for questions so where, why, how?

An answer fit into a lecture, for me, is not enough

Cause then we move on, continue to read, write, listen, just playin', school stuff,

But why, just why can't we be organic, open, you know, ...REAL?

Talk about our purpose, our deep desires, not just limit it to how we feel

Or think for that matter, because that has remained stuck too

Any thought outside the expected, or accepted, is taken, and then cast into the blue

We try to bury it, forget it, and quench it....(heavy sigh) college

Even though I'm heading to graduate, in the end, will I really have knowledge?

You can try to send me to another class, hmm...maybe philosophy,

Na, not there, can I teach you, let's switch, reciprocity


See what I value, is what matters in the end,

That's some teaching I would be willing to spend,

on, because the value of an education today almost isn't worth it

Don't get me wrong, I like school, but I know now you, me, we, we have awesome purpose

So until then my hand will be raised,

Maybe you won't answer, but He will, He's worthy to be praised


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