Hand Painted Veils

but our hearts are on the brink
of killing us quick
poisoning our veins
and melting our brains
where have we gone
faded into the shadows
smiling at disaster
and kissing madness
selling our souls for money
and our thoughts and words for fame
the sun sets and what do we have
emptiness covered by a mask of perfection
or hallowed love covered by painted on truth
they are lies
we are lies we tell each other
little white lies added up to one colossal mess
culmination of deception
we can't runaway from this one this time
we aspire to be fugitives of the fate we brought upon
we're hypocritical cynics gawking at needless assortments
we're the people who joined hands
and ruined elegance
we're the ones who charge one another
who can't be burdened with the blame
we are the ruined people
pointing fingers at one another
always with one at us

but I don’t want to be another drone
walking mindlessly down the street
as the puppeteer pulls my strings
and I don’t want to be another sheep
in the flock of conformity
I don’t want my voice repressed
by police with rulers in place of guns
or watching balloons inflated with artistry
 cut by the camouflaged scissors of the authority
floating unnoticed into the air until the pressure makes them burst
only to float down to the warring streets
or my mind spoiled with fictitious stories
told through the translucent words
that fall from the wicked lips
of the ones we should trust
on the television or at the conferences
I refuse to have my words and thoughts
exploited for the pleasure of dark side of man
I’m peeling off my delicately hand painted mask
that I once so elaborately created
the ribbons are loosening
their grip around me
and are slowly unbinding me
from their crumbling facade revealing the truth

my truth


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