I let peoples burdens become my burdens,
so I handed you my wings.
I let people's worries become my worries
so I made it my destiny just to ease the pain .
I let people's problems become my problems
and it takes a lifetime just to solve them but I took the time to do it
I let people's heartbreak become my heartbreak
so I took your heart and replaced it with mines just so you can experience LOVE
I Let's people's emotions become my emotions
that I get this feeling that sometimes I change into you because I can feel everything as if I was you
I let people's wounds become my wounds
so that's why I'm covered in scars and I'm not even sure if there mines
I let's people's opinions become my opinions
trying to impress then so maybe I could impress myself
I let your nightmare become my nightmares
that's why I don't have any dreams because I couldn't stand you not being able to sleep at night
I let your tears becomes my tears
maybe that's why I can't cry when it come to my own emotions..
I let your shadows become my shadows
making my light disappeared
I let your anger become my anger
That I would fight just to satisfy your frustration
I let peoples struggle become my struggle
so I worked hard hopping one day you would fulfill the job I guided you to do
I Let people's fears become my fears
lettering my own bravery slipped away
I was always there to save the day
That I handed off things I need for myself and gave it to you
Even if you were weak I handed my strength to you
But now I'm half empty that I gave so much
nothing was fulfilling me.
I do it from the kindest of my heart but now I'm trying to breath
because I put the life back into everyone that I forgot the life in me
That's Why I'm so empty inside because I have nothing else to give but I continue to give you something because I can take the fact that I could have helped you..
But silence speaks
who's helping me ?
Once you're happy and feel complete I'm sitting here without anything Because I provided for others before I could even provided for myself...
That's Why I'm stuck
 EMPTY all by myself...
This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world







MVP-Most Valuable Poet

it's wonderful that you are a cheerful giver

it's also important that you receive

if you're giving, and not receiving, then take it elsewhere

be a cheerful giver to the Lord, and watch how you receive inner strength in your spirit by God

seek Him for all

Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression. Always let poetry fill your life. Keep expressing your heart.  


This is the first poem i've read since joining here and was not disappointed. The contents inside it are wonderful. Truly amazing.


THANK YOU SO MUCH. YOU DON'T HOW MUCH THAT MEANS TO ME THAT SOMEONE STILL HEARS MY VOICE. I currently have stop writing poetry and having supportive people like yourself gives me the courage to continue and not give up. THANK YOU SO MUCH.


For you to only be 15 and produce such deep material is impressive. I cannot wait until you are 25 or even 30


Now 16 and I truly appreciate you taking the time to read my poetry it really means a lot and I stopped writing poetry but trying to get back in to it and with people like you supporting me makes it so much easier. THANK SO MUCH!

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