Half Blood

Sun, 06/08/2014 - 00:07 -- MaKin11

Half blood,

Half flesh,

But fully family.


Sister of mine,

You have broken our bond,

Tread on my trust,

And shattered my hope.


Over the years our family has relayed to me,

That you are ill.

Your mind is cracked and your heart is sour,





I fought for that mind,

And I fought for that heart.

I prayed year after year,

I defended your honor as my sister,

I placed my Charon money on a delusional thought,

I prayed they were the crazy ones.


Eighteen years I have known you,

Eighteen years I have denied what it was that made you.

With my mind developed,

My opinions crafted,

My soul determine to act,

I am new to a world where every choice is now my own.

Now I am blissfully grown.


You crushed me.

Obliterated me.

Wronged me.

Hurt me.

Abused me.

Broke the heart I used to protect you.


I hid in the shower water to cover my bleeding chest,

I blared the music to muffle my tortured screams,

I used a needle, sharpened by our brother, to patch the gnarled gashes you afflicted unto me.


Your words ring like the devil’s laughter in my ears,

Piercing through my skin and past the marrow of my bones.


Today was the day you died before my eyes.

Today I buried you a thousand leagues beneath my memories.

Today I lost my sister.


I lost my nieces and nephew.


I lost a piece of my family.


I lost.


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