To the Guys Who Thought it was Cool to use Me

Sun, 11/23/2014 - 01:10 -- Alex__

To the guys who thought it was cool to use me

Did you ever think it was going to hurt?

Did it ever cross you mind as to what you did wrong?

Because of you I now am afraid to trust

I’m now afraid to open up to any other guy who may come my way


In today’s culture being used or hooking up is natural

It’s given guys the mentality that using a girl for her body is perfectly fine to do

They never once think how it may hurt her not just in the moment but forever

They never consider the downward spiral she may take into a bottomless depression

They don’t think she may now look at herself as just a toy, and object to be sold. 


To the first guy who thought it was cool to use me

It was High School and you forced me into it

It was then that I felt as if I was worth almost nothing

That my body was something to be used as a bargaining tool


To the second guy who thought it was cool to use me

We were dating during my senior year

I really thought you liked me and that we had something going

I learned now that it was never true

I almost gave it all to you and looking back… I’m glad I never did


To the Third guy who thought it was cool to use me

You were a “That one time a band camp” story

We never made it very far but you wanted to go all the way

Again… I’m glad I didn’t.


You would think by now I would have learned to never trust a guy every again

Somehow though I felt deep down now every guy was out to use me

That somewhere there was a guy for me

That I wouldn’t end up alone with a dozen or so cats


To the fourth guy who thought it was cool to use me

Did you even care you had a girlfriend?

Were you that thirsty you were willing to cheat?

We hooked up twice and sadly.. I gave it away to you. 

I cried myself to sleep the following day


To the fifth guy who thought it was cool to use me

We met online and hit it off right away

Well, at least that what it seemed.

Turns out you were all talk and at this point I was just a pawn

After one night in bed with you I realized once again I was used

Now you knew about the past four and let me tell you

The fact you still thought lying to my face and using me was okay makes me sick

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