Guilty Silence

It wasn't out of nowhere

when I first heard it.



I knew it would come,


But could only hope

it wouldn't be so soon.


There was absolute silence,

Yet it was so deafening,

I fell to my knees 

And wept.


I wept

because I knew what it meant.

It meant I was alone now,

with nothing to keep me company,

but the mutinous voice

of my own treacherous conscience.


I admit

it's my own fault.

I knew

where it would lead.


I knew

the consequnces

if things went too far,

If I went too far.


I was warned,

more times than I can remember,

But I remember nonetheless,

I was warned.


And I didn't listen.

I chose not to.

I kept at it.

I had been 



The power,

The invinciblity,

The immortality I felt

Ate me up.



It still managed

to leave just enough

for my Guilt to feed on.


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