A Guest of the House

Give me that, let me help you.
Stop and listen before you dig a hole I can't get you out of.
I will take that punch for you, I kind of like the pain. 
You can find me out of sight, because I like to be alone. 
Don't be embarassed to listen to my music, because I see your foot tapping.
My room is an arthall so please look around.
My laptop is a temple so please do not look.
No I didnt mean it like that, I just havent known you long enough...
I guess Its fine for you to see what I'm doing now
What is this? This are my studies.
That page? its Psychology. 
That one? its history and mythology? 
And that? Its romance and historical mystery.
Tell me what you think? Do you like it?
What? Please don't go, what did I do wrong? 
Fine, be that way but once you go out that door, don't come back because I will never forgive you.
And I will not forget this feeling of rejection you've given me. 


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