Guess What



You said I'll fail

You said there's no way 

You said I'd never make it 

But guess what


I'm here 

I've made it 

I reached my goals 

I'm on my way 


So I might not have a boyfriend

I might not be a sport star 

I might not have a ton of friends 

I'm not you 

But guess what


I'm just waiting for the guy

When he shows up, he's gonna blow your mind 

He's gonna cherish me 

We're gonna be #goals 


You're right, I'm not a sport star

I've never had any talent there 

We all know this 

And honestly, I couldn't fit it in anyways 


So I don't have a ton of friends 

But all my friends are real 

They're always there 

They're my family 


I'm not you 

Thank heavens

I don't have bleach blonde hair 

I don't flirt super well


So here's to you 

The person who said I couldn't 

Here I am 

And I'm crushing it


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This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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