The Growth We Didnt Know We Need.

They tell us that growing up is supposed to be the best time of our lives. 

We figure out who we are, what we stand for, what matters to us. 

But with this growth, comes painful lessons and tears and anger and hurt. 

They'll say it's a part of life, it happens to everyone. I told myself I wouldn't stray from myself 

in the face of adversity. But what if that adversity is coming from something close to your heart?

Fighting for a relationship to stay alive, focusing on what really matters to me, 

trying to weed out the fake friends from the real ones. These experiences provide us with

a sort of knowledge I wish I could have gotten another way but I cant. I dont regret 

anything I;ve been through, it continues to build me every day. Coming face to face

with big decisions, little things and everything in between, letting it mold me is what

growing up is. College was a big change, and every day I am here for the next 4 years 

I will slightly change, but adversity will never make me stray from my character.

I may cry in the process, I may be mad and petty but I push through it. Each 

hardship is a journey, and thats what growing up is. Growing up isnt paying bills,

owning a car or a house. Growing up is being able to admit your mistakes, 

being able to recognize what is and isnt good for you, and letting go of what isn't

helping you grow. Some people are adults and elders, and they never grew up. 

Growing up isnt a bad thing, its just maturing and letting yourself transform. 

This year, I've had many temporary people come and go. My first year of college

made me realize that not everyone has good intentions, but not everyone has

bad intentions either. Look out for yourself, move in silence, let yourself recognize

and accept opportunities for a good future, accepting advice from those who are 

wise and experienced. Sometimes when you let go of someone you thought was 

going to be in your life forever, it teaches you more than they couldve taught you

in 10 years. Every person, temporary or those in it for the long haul, have a lesson

and have a purpose in your life. Somehow and someway, each individual you have

come across has and will teach you something. Maybe in a good way, or a bad way,

be able to recognize the lesson and let yourself take it in. Thats what growing up is. 


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