Grown in My Own Way

Before I knew it,

or had time to finish blinking 

or taking a deep breath,

blue caps fell down around me

and those I have known for so long -

our tassles glittering in the fluorescent lights, 

mimicking our eyes/hearts/lives. 


No more of passing everyone in the hallway, 

no more quick waves before classes 

or tiny conversations outside the door -

once we leave, 

with our blue gowns open

and our dreams/ambitions/fears exposed, 

we all will get caught separately

into the net of college/work/life.


This sense of pride and freedom

masks the doubts/insecurities/strictness 

that only high school provided me. 

Packing my room into boxes and totes, 

saying my goodbyes to the white walls

I fell asleep within/lived within/grew within,

sprouted my understanding -

I was no longer a kid/a high schooler/a child

but grown, in my own ways.

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