Grown Minors


Grown Minors


by Jamal Ento


It started out at 6 years old

A little girl neva understood what she was told,

She had a dream to have it all when she was old.

Told the only way to have it all, when it was sold

As she grew she grew cold,

Runnin her mouth back and forth eyes rolled.

Hustle games the same silver, platinum, and gold.

Only to realize what her story unfolds.

There was a boy whos love was strong.

It kept her in her place, kept her from doin wrong.

Everyone she met problems getting along.

Grades slipped, she dipped, workin corners, no goin home.

Rockin people up in they dome.

Makin ties with people she aint neva known.

Restless nights, drunk fights, 3 o’clock in the morn.

Abused and beaten just because of her tone.

She was alone, her friends gone,

Locked away, penitentiary, secluded zone

When all she wanted was the cars the audemars.

Just up to par, with a dream that never went far.

Shootin for the stars, Aimin for Mars.

Now shes behind bars,

Doin 10 to 20 years to life, hope marked,

Livin with the only thing that’s  left battle scars.

Her road to recovery was far, but it’s a start.

Made fake friends outa jail, they slipped her narcs.

In a traphouse dirty dancing in the dark.

Permanent scars

Everyday planning her escape, underchart

One day she had to know,

Did she have to wait or was it time to go?

The man she once loved, she had him on the phone.

But the reaper came in, and he was in the zone.

She cried and she pleaded to just be a clone.

He stopped and watched her cry, hurt, and moan

He copped a glock and heard the guns tone

Her life flashed by her and then she was gone.

She made her own,

Decisions they were wrong.

Thinkin way too far ahead like she was grown.

The real key was what she said over the phone.

She said,” I wrote some poems.

Way back in time for you to even know’em.

Your love was strong for me, it’s the strength that kept me goin.

These last words I say to you, they are important.

I beg you let me live to tell him that im goin,

I need to hold him, trust him and show him,

That he was mine and I was his no matter what I did.

Just take care of my kid.

Don’t teach her to deprive just teach her how to give.

Don’t ever let her hurt, forgive her for her sins.

The only true love that she needs is from within.

Make her heart so strong it’ll stick to her ribs.

She only be as grown as shes taught when she begins

Don’t teach her to survive,

Just teach her how to live


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