Grown-Up Calls


Hey Grandma-

I’m calling because-

No. No, I’m fine. Mom just yelled at me again-

I know I shouldn’t cry about it-


Hey Grandma-

Mom is sleeping away everything-

She’s not even there anymore-

Why is she so god damn lazy-

No I haven’t talked to her-


Grandma? Its me-

I just want her support-

I hate her-

No I really do-

I’m never talking to her again-


Grandma? Are you okay? –

I’m so sorry she said that-

She shouldn’t have done that-

I hate her more now-

Its all her fault-

That’s the last straw-


Hey, Grandma-

Fuck her!-

She never loved me-

One day I will be able to never talk to her again-

Then ill be happy-



Mom is okay-

Mom told me about the depression-

Dad said he’s sorry-

Mom wants to help me move-

Yeah…I’m a little numb about it-

I'm glad she's not dead-

Hey Mom, its Alison-

I know…

I’m sorry too-

It’s okay Mom-

I forgive you-

I love you too Mom.

This poem is about: 
My family


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