Growing up Strong

Thu, 04/11/2019 - 12:32 -- amfdiat

A new planted sapling takes time to grow.

With care and with patience it learns to grow strong.

The wind beats against it, 

And pushes it down,

But that little sapling will forever push on.

Much like a sapling I too must grow,

My childhood of dreams must come to an end.

But I think that just maybe my dreams won’t be lost,

Just maybe they’ll grow, until I’m all grown up.

So bring on the whirlwinds,

The tempests of life,

I know that I’ll grow, and I’ll grow up strong.

It’s all part of life, the good and the bad,

I’ll get to be happy, and learn to be sad. 

But even when Death reaches out his cold hands,

I know that I’m growing, growing up strong.

So bring on the sorrow, 

Come, make me feel down.

I’ve started to grow,

And I won’t stop now.

I’m like the sapling, growing up strong,

I’ll be like an oak tree,

By the time I am done.


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