Growing Up


I don't want to grow up

I hate the idea that I'll lose those parts of me

That craves adventure

And is willing to take the risks

I'm not hating on adults

I'm hating on our brains

How they develop and change

I'm not saying they should stay the same

I'm saying it should be your choice

Don't argue with me

I use to be a different person when I was 5 years old

Now 11 years later

Experience isn't the only thing that's changed me

I wish falling in love was as easy as it was in kindergarten

I wish making friends was as easy as getting excited over a found penny

I wish I could elicit my words

Just like I used to

Now experience has haulted my tongue

And taught it to spew words at will

I can't speak Mandarin

But I can give you a cussing that'll make even George Zimmerman cry

And I'm kind of afraid to lose that

Because if I lose any part of me

I'll be less of me

And honestly,

Who would trade their tongue for puberty?


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