Grow Through What You Go Through


Most may say that it relates to one's height,

but it's much more than what you can physically see with your sight. 


It leads to more maturity.

It sometimes can lead to a little more purity.

It can lead to a change in a belief.

But sometimes growing can have us in grief.

We hate the fact that we will soon be adult, 

And joke that being one is just a cult. 

I had to learn. I had to grow.

There were some things that I didn't even know.

I had to stop being a child.

Stop being so wild

I had to learn how to act like a lady

And stop behaving like a baby. 

I needed to learn how to driive 

And if I wanted it, I needed to strive.

I was skeptical, apprehensive, and feeling like I was gonna go crazy

Until I stopped and got lazy.  

My mom tried to teach me and help me out

But with the way that I was acting, she called a time out. 

At first it didn't bother me. I really didn't care.

Until my brother came into the picture with the words that he had to share.

He told me and my mom to continue with learning to drive.

He wanted to see me strive.

He saw that my mom was getting tiredt

Of having to take me to everything that I required.

I didn't want to listen. I didn't want to listen to it

Until my mom listened and went with it.

It took some patience. It took much learning

To learn how to drive with a yearning. 

I hated it at first. I had a fit.

But something special happened with a huge gift. 

My mom surprises me with my own car.

She didn't buy it from too far.

She wanted me to become independent and be responsible.

But the way that I received her gift was not respectful.

I still didn't care to drive. I had enough.

My mom, though, was starting to become tough. 

She shared with me how great it is

To have an offer like this. 

So I started to become more grateful, more appreiative

Of what I have that God has to give.

I become more interested in driving.

I started to really learn about striving.

It may have took more time to get ther 

But there was nothing that I could not bear.

The special day came just at the drop of a dime 

That I was able to drive in a short amount of time. 

But it wasn't just drving that got to me. 

It was my peers who were surprised and happy for me.

After a while, they were learning how to drive

And learning how to do it with a strive.

Through the whole time, I grew up.

I was no longer acting like a scared little pup.

I was able to learn how to be independent 

So that one day, I will no longer be a dependent.

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