Grotesque Figures

Once upon a time,

There was a girl whose name was Cinderella.

Now most would think she was a maid,

But really she was a slave.

She was the most hideous girl in the land,

and her step mother hid her away from the world.

Her mother feared she would be judged,

so she locked her away with a broom and mop.


Cinderella always dreamed of meeting the prince,

but her mother told her she had the face of a monster,

and no prince would ever love a monster.

Cindy believed this to be true,

so she never argued with her mother.


One day Cindy received an invitation to the royal ball,

and she just knew she had to go.

There was a rhyme and reason behind everything,

and this was her time to shine.

Cindy hid from her mother,

working on her ball gown night and day.

She worked profusely,

for the ball was in just a week.


Cindy finished her dress and tried it on,

although she noticed it was a complete disaster.

She thrashed it around until it was no more than shreds

Cindy weeped for she had no gown for the ball,

but as she lay in bed a fairy appeared.


The fairy asked Cindy what she wanted,

and she told her to make her the prettiest girl at the ball,

and so the fairy did.

Cindy was drop dead gorgeous,

she definitely had a chance with the prince.


And so Cindy went to the ball,

and found it took her no longer than an hour to find the prince.

They danced the night away and fell deeply in love,

but as the clock struck twelve,

Cindy ran for her life.


Cindy ran through the halls and out the door,

but she suddenly tripped down the stairs.

She ran out of time and began to cry,

for the prince was right behind her.

There is no way he would look at her the same.


When the prince arrived at Cindy's side,

she looked up to see a hideous beast looking down at her.

She screamed and threw her arms at the foul creature,

only to realize that it was the prince.

He was hideous,

even more so than her.


They both began to laugh,

and soon realized that it wasn't their looks that mattered,

but it was their hearts.


The two were married the next day,

and when they shared their kiss,

all of the guests were appalled.


The two lived happily ever after,

even in all of their ugliness.

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