Gripping the Steering Wheel

My knuckles white,

My hair frayed,

My teeth clenched,

I am afraid.

Wandering around streets of million dollar houses I spin in circles,

I'm terrified.

But I am ready.

Flicking the turn signal, I seem to fly home with my head spinning. 

I am ready.

Walking through the door I catch my breathe.

I am ready I am ready I am ready I repeat over and over again as I walk to room to room.

Flexing my fingers,

Rolling my neck,

Inhaling deeply,

I sit and write.

A letter to all my friends and family. 

I describe all the emotions and events,

Every inch of my mind expanded to experience more.

And when I'm finished I don't hesitate as my fingers punch the enter button.

I did it.

The subjected line, "I am happy, I am free, I am myself".



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