Grief-stricken, HeartSick


Panic sets in.. 

There's another storm in my temple,

but it naturally stands firm.

A place of ryhthmic vibrations,

and home of love's peculiar creations.

There's a need for an outpour,

an upchuck from the belly of the core,

but it has settled where it started.

The urge for the release and settlement of the storm

only explicitly shows every aspect

and cause a mass distruction

eventhough the temple remains grounded and motionless.

When the storm finally settles it leaves the peace that once was..

 unhinged and distraught.

Only left the chambers vulnerable for the next storm,

to discombobulate the fragments that remain..

But FIRM its stands,

no guilt or shame..


In The Temple Of My Heart.



Thanks, I just started writing again. I stopped for a while. Also thanks for the imput, & i'm glad you liked it. :)



I hope so too.! :)

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