I called Monsanto, have a bee's nest behind my house.

Calling to see if they have some chemicals that they could douse

me and my family and my friends and this town in.

Killing off it all; the grenade has no safety pin.


Cheney sucks off Halliburton, Barack Obama; Goldman Sachs.

Campaign so they appear simpatico while death's left in their tracks.

Could the NSA give advice on problems in our daily lives?

They're watching with eyes of hate and clammy hands gripping knives.


Toledo's crumbling infrastructure mirrors society's decay

while those seeking change are besieged and kept quietly at bay.

Generations before have failed to make momentous change.

Now our world is broken, bruised, and significantly deranged.


Power to the homeless, poor, prisoners, and prostitutes.

The world is ours and there's a mass of bankers that we'll prosecute.

Climbing out of the gutter drunk, stumbling towards redemption

from the way we kill the poor while giving the rich tax exemptions.



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