Greatness Comes From Within

Tue, 06/03/2014 - 12:31 -- arelle

I write to be heard

rather than to be absurd, I'm a poet, I'm not a bird chirping and tweeting constantly

I write to inspire, ignite, imagine all that life can be, you don't know it now...but you'll see.

There is so much hatred, a spark left unattended until the whole forest is inflamed

without a chance of their careless accident to be amended. Is life a game?

Don't you see...You were heaven sent! You have a purpose, just like me

But don't you see the beauty of it the century old trees burn brilliantly as they fall?

For everyone life comes after death, so don't be fearful of your last breath it is just a melody

Take in the beauty of life, rest peacefully at night, because everything will be alright

You'll see, maybe you don't see it now

But underneath the embers, which you thought was an unforgivable sin...

Look closely now! Don't you see new life is just beginning!

Yes the past may be gone, but here comes something new

Life is about forgiveness, but that first begins with you

Greatness comes from within

Write to be heard, use your voice to begin anew

Sometimes in life you have to lose, but other times you are winning!

Are you spending your time doing good deeds, or are you sinning?

Do you see it now? Look close, explore, there is new life on the forest floor!

The sinew sticks and the bark reforms and that is when we are reborn

Look closer now under those burnt leaves, see you are not alone, there are more seedlings!

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, in the end you will rise up and grow to your full potential!

Don't let the snakes that slide around the forest floor tempt you anymore more!

Can you hear me, friend? Greatness comes from within, don't tune out

the One who cares the most about you, your future, all of life.

Don't turn your back on Him, don't snuff out that candle light.

Because you never know when you get to sleep your last night.


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Ugh! Why isn't there a thumbs up button so I can press it a million times? I love this poem. I hope you win! XD


Well, thank you! To be honest in my notification e-mail the first line I saw was "Ugh! Why isn't there a thumb" I was like "Huh? What?!" I really do appreciate your feedback, I look forward to reading some of your work. Feel free to browse my other poems. Also you have my permission to print out my poem, hang it up in your room, whatever you feel like! I am debating whether or not to make a YouTube recording of this poem, but I don't want to come off as too preachy preachy,lol! Thanks again for the positive feedback, I am glad someone else besides myself enjoys it! Remember that greatness comes from within! After rereading my poem, I realized I had left some parts out that are in my notebook, so I updated the poem. Hope you enjoy the new additions!




Thanks...I guess if that is a compliment. :)

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