The Greatest Fight


When we first said hello, I grinned from the side of the door.

You looked at me sedated and when you lifted your hand

so did the wire plugged in the wall.

You shyly spoke, and with a heavy breath told me come in.


My heart broke wondering, why would god take someone as wonderful as this.

Thousands of people live with the disease that I hope to prevent

from your grin to your last breathe I remember.

The thought of you keeps me fighting.


I can't say other patients will live on, but the point is to try

any fight is well fought.

It will take years to gain the wisdom of the hands

that lifted you up until you couldn't out run chance.


Wherever you are, hopefully up above

I'm sure you will be proud of the woman I have become.

The dimples that looked like crates,

are the favorite features I can frame about your face.


All the medicine, and medication you had.

It wasn't the last moments I wanted you to feel.

My future patients that I grieve to see, I want them to walk out

and become whoever they wish to be.


For you I am the next trooper,

my dearest,

I will bring them out.


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