Gray to Gold

I thought and drew

The plan for my life

No struggle to see  

Clear and planned 

Determination, demmand

A straight path ahead

Nothing to fear

Creeping over like fog

Seeping through my skin

What is happening to me?

It's growing within

The days got longer

Drowning everyone out

My bed drawing me in

Nothing is wrong.

Days of gray

Yet sunshine outside

I couldn't hide the feelings I had

Nothing is wrong.

I try and I try 

To fix being broken

Piece by piece

It's coming together

The future holds hope

A place full of people

Just like me

A place full of people

Who value what I value

A place away from home

A place I will be

Helping me get by are the thoughts in my head

Urging me closer to this place

A twinkle of light breaks this unbearable gray

A shade of gold reminds me of how awesome it is



And self determination

A change of perspective

And a goal much attainable

Helps me through


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