Gratitude and Equality


Today I woke up feeling grateful

And for what? 

I don't have the fanciest clothes, nor the richest house

So what's the point?


I see two types of people on the streets

There are people who are struggling

Struggling for money, food, and water

Struggling to supply for their own children 

Struggling for their own life

But then I see the "privileged"

They have everything

Extra money, luxurious cars, and fancy clothes

Some even question what to do with all of their money 

But yet when they come across some of these unfortunate people

They decide to turn the other cheek

Act as if they're superior to you and not equal

Act as if these people have done them wrong

Its a shame, really

There is no value in owning all of these riches if you're not helping those in need

You see, being homeless doesn't always mean you have no shelter

It could also mean that you feel like no one is looking after you

Like no one wants to lend you a helping hand 

Like you have no friends or family to love

Like no one genuinely cares

But you see, that's where you're wrong

There is  always someone who cares

Whether it's a random civilian

Or the big guy in the sky


So why did I wake up being grateful today?

I am grateful for my Lord, my friends, my family, my home

My life

So be grateful, because not everyone owns these things

And spread gratitude and equality in the hearts of others today.








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