Grandpa's little girl


A little girl use to laugh at jokes he told her 
Even if she didn't understand a word 
She use to try to mimic back every joke she learned 
Bet he had a ball laughing at all her little failures 
A little girl use to try on his shoes and cap 
Looking like a goofball, while trying to tap 
He used to chase her around lap after lap 
Funny how, she'd tired him out right before her nap 
A little girl use to go on vacations with him 
Making memories to never be forgotten 
He became her one and only best friend 
He use to make her the happiest she's ever been 
A little girl use to get scared when he went to the lair 
Because one day he was fine than came out in a wheel chair 
She use to think that they did more harm than care 
So she use to never leave his side unless he was better 
A little girl use to cry a thousand tears 
Loneliness was all she use to fear 
Because his time to go came too near 
All the time they thought they had, disappeared. 
Now that little girl is all grown 
There's nothing left of him, not a stone 
The memories are what keeps him known 
Since the day her angel left her alone.


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